I love to travel. Travel can be expensive, and it’s hard to get time off of work. It’s also not for everyone. Traveling can be uncomfortable, stressful, and you can even get seriously ill when traveling without taking special precautions. Even if you stick to the best restaurants and have all of the recommended inoculations, the severe changes to your sleep schedule and exposure to a new population with its own special set of viruses, combined with foods cooked with different oils, seasonings, levels of salt, etc. can turn a dream vacation into a march of misery. It’s almost impossible to enjoy travel if you’re feeling terrible.

I save up to go special places, and although I suffer from jet lag like most people, I’ve been really lucky in that I’ve been healthy enough to enjoy my journeys so far. I did get deathly ill one time from a particularly virulent strain of influenza virus, but I didn’t get ill until the last day of our vacation, and I was feeling only mildly feverish at that point. I was sick for a month, and had to alternate between doses of ibuprofen and acetaminophen every two hours (this was monitored by a doctor) to keep my temperature below 103F. Even with the meds I was over 100F for weeks.

It was totally worth it. And chances are, I might not have even caught the flu in Canada. We were only there for four days that time, so it’s likely that I caught it around home.

So where have I been so far? Domestically, I’ve been to various parks and recreational destinations all over the west, including San Francisco, Yellowstone, Seattle, Lassen Volcanic National Park, Crescent City and the redwoods, the Olympic National Park, Disneyland, Sea World, Mt. Shasta, Oregon Coast Aquarium, all kinds of zoos, Smith Rock State Park, Bend (Oregon) and Mt. Batchelor, Mt. Hood … the list is pretty extensive. On the east coast I’ve been to Boston and Orlando so far.

Internationally I’ve been to various parts of Canada including Vancouver Island, Vancouver BC and Montreal, the Czech Republic (though at the time it was still Czechoslovakia and behind the Iron Curtain), Germany, Belize, Ireland, and most recently the UK. There are so many more places to visit! I’m looking forward to a longer say in Germany (I just drove through for a day before) and I’m seriously thinking about New Zealand with a stopover in Fiji. I’d also very much like to go to Oahu.

I hope you enjoy my travel pages! I’m way behind on creating them but I’ll do my best to get caught up.