Hi. I'm Kami, and I do interior and cover design for print books.

I became interested in graphic design after I had a couple of short  stories published in magazines. I know that sounds odd, but bear with  me. Those publishing credits gave me the crazy idea that I might have  enough skill developed that people would prefer to read my work rather  than gouge their eyes out.

Thus began my journey to self-publish.

I got into the business of designing book interiors and exteriors because I couldn't afford to hire a cover artist or book designer. 

My early attempts at covers were atrocious. Some of them still exist on  the web. Feel free to find them and mock them. I just cringe and try to  pretend that those were from a really, really long time ago.

I got better. Then my husband wanted to self-publish some things that  were too short to interest his publisher. I did his covers for him, and  most people aren't blinded for life when they look at them.

Then I got 'serious' and started studying graphic design. I've been at it a  couple of years now. I have clients. They're happy. And when they're  happy, I'm happy.

If you have questions, comments, or you'd like to accomplish something  book-related and would like some free advice, I'm here for you. I ask  that you please look over the website or Google before you email me for  free advice, in case your question can be easily answered by a faq or  wikipedia. It'll be faster and easier for both of us that way. But not  everything can be answered by the interwebs. Sometimes you just need a  person to chat with. I'm willing to be that person.

If working with InDesign or Word on a level that most people don't like to think about makes you squeamish ...

If Photoshop gives you hives or GIMP makes your head hurt ...

If you hate formatting ebooks and want someone else to deal with it ...

If you need a book cover and your experience with art and design amount to drawing stick figures with swords poking out of their chests ...

I'll be happy to discuss my style and rates with you. I charge by the hour.  Most work comes in under $500 for both a cover and interior,  depending on things like whether or not you have bulleted lists,  sidebars, footnotes or other time-consuming things that require lots of  links, if you want both an ebook and a print version, etc. I can help you reduce costs by instructing you on how to format your work to save  on labor when you work with me.

About style: I may not be your gal. If I can't help, chances are I know  someone who can do a great job for you. References on request.

I also have some great friends in the book business that might help you  with your project. For example, I don't copy edit, but I know a fantastic copy editor that I trust absolutely. So feel free to use the contact form with anything book-related. And check out my website. It's always  growing, because I'm always learning. 

Thanks for reading, and I hope I'll hear from some of you soon.

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